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Grooming Clipper Blades by Number 

When purchasing a clipper blade, you will need to know the number of the blade you need. Different numbers have various functions as they cut the fur to different lengths. The higher the number means the shorter the blade. Most blade brands are interchangeable, so their blades will fit different clippers if needed. 

5-in-1 Adjustables 

Offering five blade numbers, 5-in-1 Adjustables bring value by allowing for easy adjustment in one tool. Instead of changing clippers to use a different blade, you simply slide the other blade into place. Save time and money by choosing the 5-in-1 Adjustable blade. 

#3 & 3F Blade

A clipper blade 3 best suits trimming the legs and tail to keep them short. 

#4 & 4F Blade

The Wahl 4F blade or Oster 4F clipper blade is best for cutting the ears, muzzle and belly to the right length. It trims fur to about 9.5 mm. 

#5 & 5F Blade

If you want to keep the body at a medium length, the 5 blade is the answer for your clipper blade needs. 

#7 & 7F Blade

If your client wants their pet's fur cut to about 3.2 mm in length, the 7 blade can do the job.  

#8.5 & 9 Blade

These two blades have similar functions that make them perfect for grooming the head, throat and cheeks. 

#10 Blade

The 10 blade offers a great way to trim the face, pads and stomach to 1.5 mm.

#15 Blade

The 15 blade can handle the delicate areas of pets' bodies such as the face, pads and stomach. The Andis 15 Blade trims to around 1.2 mm. 

#30 Blade

A 30 blade takes care of the ears and muzzle, leaving hair at 0.5 mm long. 

#40 Blade

The 40 blade trims the ears and muzzle by 0.25 mm.

#50 Blade

Offering the closest shave, the 50 blade gets the fur to 0.2 mm. 

#5/8 Toe Blade 

The 5/8 toe blade helps clean up the feet by getting in-between the toes.  

Choosing a Clipper Blade 

When choosing grooming blades by number, there are several factors to consider, including the dog's breed and what spot you need to trim on their body. With so many different breeds out there, choosing a blade can turn into a confusing task. As a general rule, you should not use a blade with a shorter trim than the #7 on the body. 

We are happy to answer any general questions you may have when choosing a clipper blade. We understand the ins and outs of the technical side of grooming, and we offer our expertise to customers looking to find the best blade for their needs. Check out this guide for the best blade size based on the dog's breed and area you're trimming.

We Can Help You Figure Out Which Blade You Need. Contact Us! 

Our customer service team will help you find the blade you need. Contact us for help deciding between different blade sizes and types.