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Andis offers a variety of professional grooming blades for dog owners. Check out our full line of Andis blades, including CeramicEdge, ShowEdge, UltraEdge, large animal and trimmer blades, as well as with 5-in-1 adjustable blades. Frank Rowe and Son Inc. is your one-stop center for ceramic and replacement blades, sharpening, and repairs for Andis.
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Andis provides a wide range of professional grooming blades that work as effective Andis clipper replacement blades. Clipper blades play a vital role in the success of your pet grooming business. For greater efficiency and productivity, you will need to use different types of blades and specific blade number depending on the breed and the animal’s grooming needs. With the right quality and quantity of blades, you will be able to grow your business faster and cater to a wider variety of dog breeds, including the more recent designer mix breeds.

Check out our full range of Andis blades such as CeramicEdge, ShowEdge and UltraEdge. We also stock blades for large animals as well as the in-demand five-in-one adjustable blades. At Frank Rowe & Son Inc., we offer the best ceramic blades for Andis clippers.

We also perform clipper repairs and sharpen Andis blades in-house. If you need to determine the type of blades you need for your business, our staff of clipper blade experts will help you choose the best Andis clipper blades for dog grooming.

Andis CeramicEdge

Andis uses advanced manufacturing techniques to create its famous Andis ceramic blades. That is why the cutters are stronger and more durable than the average ceramic blade. CeramicEdge blades are comfortable for dogs and other pets because they stay up to 75 percent cooler than stainless-steel clipper blades.

Buying a CeramicEdge blade is a wise investment because the zirconium oxide in the ceramic blade improves its strength and durability so it lasts long and does not break easily, especially when changing it. Ceramic blades also offer rust and corrosion resistance and require less frequent sharpening and maintenance than steel blades.

CeramicEdge blades by Andis are more durable than other imported ceramics and fit all Andis detachable blade clippers. These Andis clipper blades are best for professional results using detachable blade clippers. As a dog owner, you want a blade that will last, and Andis ceramic blades are one of the best tools for longevity. If you use a ceramic cutter, the blades can stay over 70% cooler, thus prolonging the life of the product.

Andis UltraEdge Blades

When you need to groom many dogs within a short time or you need to increase your productivity by at least 50 percent, the Andis UltraEdge+ blades will help you achieve your goal. Manufactured with carbon steel and a charcoal finish to ensure the blades glide through dogs’ coats, these blades will help you give your clients' dogs a show-ready appearance quickly.

The fur of the dog feeds quickly from the lower blade into the upper cutting blade for fast and accurate cutting. It leaves no lines or track marks while allowing you to complete the job with fewer passes.

Andis UltraEdge+ blades are ideal for surgical trims and are preferred by veterinarians because they're less likely to discolor and rust from frequent use of strong disinfectants. Other features of Andis UltraEdge+ clipper blades follow:

  • All are hard-tested before being shipped.
  • These blades have a Rockwell Hardness rating of 65.
  • Each clipper is sharpened to exact quality standards.

Andis ShowEdge

The Andis ShowEdge is a wide blade you can use for body clipping of long-legged setters and terriers. The blade is chrome plated for corrosion resistance and carbon-edged for strength and durability. It is compatible with detachable blade clippers made by Andis. It may also be used with other clipper brands like Oster and Wahl.

What Sets Andis Clipper Blades Apart?

Andis blades use state-of-the-art technology to compete with their fellow top brands in the grooming industry. Andis clipper blades:

  • Are heat-treated to meticulous standards to offer long-lasting cutting performance
  • Utilize a proprietary machining process that consistently creates clean, professional-grade cuts
  • Are coated with Electo-Glide technology, or EGT, to provide a faster, smoother, higher quality finish

EGT reduces corrosion and elongates the blade life of each Andis grooming product. Furthermore, Cat Blades by Andis are ideal for lowering track lines in feline coats.

Andis clipper blades are available in the following styles:

  • Andis size 5/8 HT blade with a 5/8" blade cut
  • Andis size 3 3/4" skip tooth blade with a 1/2" blade cut
  • Andis size 4 finish blade with a 3/8" blade cut
  • Andis size 4 skip tooth blade with a 3/8" blade cut
  • Andis size 5F finish blade with a 1/4" blade cut
  • Andis size 5 skip tooth blade with a 1/4" blade cut
  • Andis size 7F finish blade with a 1/8" blade cut
  • Andis size 7 skip tooth blade with a 1/8" blade cut
  • Andis size 8 1/2" blade with a 3/16" blade cut
  • Andis size 9 blade with a 5/64" blade cut
  • Andis size 10 blade with a 1/16" blade cut
  • Andis size 15 blade with a 3/64" blade cut
  • Andis size 5/8 toe blade with a 1/32" blade cut
  • Andis size 30 blade with a 1/50" blade cut
  • Andis size 40 blade with a 1/100" blade cut
  • Andis size 50 blade with a 1/125" blade cut

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