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ToolKlean Products

We know that as groomers, you need your tools and workspace to stay sanitary for your clients. ToolKlean products offer a variety of ways to accomplish this. From cups convenient for small, individual tools to UV light sanitizing ovens, ToolKlean has it all. 

Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. is proud to carry ToolKlean sanitizing tools for our customers whose priority is a safe, clean area. You can rely on their grooming sanitizers for your business. 

Tabletop Room Sanitizers

What is more convenient than a sanitizer that fits on a table within your workspace? ToolKlean created the perfect mechanism for cleaning all of your tools in one shot. The UV light oven kills germs with its medical-grade UV bulb. Simply put your tools on one of the two racks and set the timer. When the time is up, you will have clean tools ready for your next appointment. 

The UV sterilizers for groomers work on all materials such as rubber and plastic. It is perfect for cleaning everything in your toolkit, including blades, combs, scissors and sponges. All of your equipment will be ready to go in a matter of seconds. Unlike some other ways of cleaning tools, a tabletop sanitizer requires no liquids or heat that may damage your equipment. 

Handheld Sanitizers

A handheld sanitizer from ToolKlean acts as a wand that can clean all of your equipment in 90 seconds. Its UV light kills bacteria, fungus and ringworm on surfaces and tools with a slow swipe over top. With one swipe, you can clean everything, such as tools, beds, cages and work areas.  

ToolKlean's handheld sanitizers are ideal for portable sanitation. Since the handheld model is smaller than a tabletop sanitizer and cordless, you can use it anywhere you need. If you have a mobile grooming business, the handheld option is compact and packs up well for storage. 

Cup Sterilizers 

The cup sterilizers offer a way to clean smaller tools in a quick and effective way. First, place glass beads in a cup and heat them. Then put an item in the cup with the hot beads, and the heat will kill any lingering bacteria, mold or virus on your tools. Your clippers, scissors and other metal tools will leave the cup refreshed and ready for the next client. 

Sterilizing Accessories

Safety is of the utmost importance when sanitizing your tools. We carry essential sterilizing accessories such as safety glasses, glass beads and extra oven racks. Safety glasses protect your eyes when using tools and come with most appliances, but we have additional options so you can stock up. You may need extra beads for your cup sanitizer or another rack to clean more tools in your oven. Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. has all the accessories you need for your ToolKlean sanitizers. 

UV Light Replacement Bulbs 

The UV light is key to killing germs on your tools that could get shared between clients. These lights burn out over time, preventing you from cleaning your tools efficiently. When you need a new bulb, Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. has one for your ToolKlean sterilizer. 

Buy ToolKlean Products From Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. 

Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. works hard to stock the ToolKlean products you need daily. Purchase grooming sanitizers, UV sterilizers for groomers and more online or contact us today for more information.