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Affordable Grooming Shears (AGS) Grooming Clipper Parts 

AGS clippers have become a trusted brand in the grooming industry. With their high-quality blades, groomers love using AGS products on their clients. They have an extensive line of clipper parts, so you can collect all the necessary tools a groomer needs. Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. is proud to carry the AGS line of grooming tools, including clipper blades and comb attachments. 

About the Brand

Stephen Toth formed AGS in 2014 after first starting Shear Mobility, LLC, as a sharpener. With 15 years of grooming experience behind him, he visited manufacturers and factories and attended trade shows and seminars to make the right scissors and clipper blades. Today, AGS is known for its budget-friendly clippers and clipper blades that don't skimp on quality. 

Clipper Blades From AGS

AGS grooming clippers offer an impressive cut for all of your furry clients. With detachable blades, you can collect all of the AGS parts available. Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. carries AGS clipper blades that will help your grooming business produce quality haircuts. 

Specialty AGS clipper blades come in a wide range of lengths. From the smallest sizes at fractions of an inch to much longer sizes, AGS can help equip your grooming business with the best tools. AGS clipper blades also come in a wide option that allows you to cover more surface area quickly. Its shape features a longer blade at the top to reach farther across the body in one line. 

Our full selection of clipper blades include: 

  • 1HT blade
  • 8 blade
  • 10 blade
  • 4F WIDE blade
  • 5F WIDE blade
  • 10 WIDE blade
  • 15 WIDE blade

Clipper Comb Attachments From AGS

Blades are important for the quality of a haircut, but other attachments make a difference in getting a quality cut, too. Along with blades, AGS clipper attachments come in a variety of types. For professional grooming operations, combs can also make a difference in giving a better haircut. Comb attachments help you see the length you need to remove from the fur. Like blades, combs come in different sizes to fit the preferences of the breed or owner. 

Comb attachments do more than simply brush a pet as they help ensure an even trim as you go through the fur. A comb also glides through the hair instead of snagging or getting caught on a blade. As you work, a comb will keep a pet's hair constantly smooth. Since it is built into the blade, you can more easily work through an appointment without switching between a regular comb and clipper as you cut. 

AGS Clippers for Sale From Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. 

Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. offers many AGS clippers for sale on our website and in our store. With many types of blades and combs to choose from, we know it can become overwhelming. Frank Rowe is the place to go for help finding the best blades from AGS for your grooming operation. If you need help with an AGS clipper blade or comb attachment, contact us today