Dog Grooming Tool & Blade Cases

Whether you have a mobile grooming business, take your show dogs on the road, or just want to keep your dogs well groomed no matter where you go, you need to keep your grooming tools portable. Sure you could throw them in a backpack, but you’d be risking damage to the bag and the tools as well as injury while fumbling for sharp items that should be stored safely. That’s why PetEdge stocks some fantastic travel cases for dog grooming equipment and groomers on the go. These solid-sided travel cases offer compartments made specifically for clippers, blades, shears, combs, and brushes, keeping your tools clean and organized. The durable outer hull and protective inner liner means you won’t arrive with broken instruments, nor will you accidentally find a shear or blade dangerously poking through your case. Take your travel grooming to the next level with Master travel cases from! 

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