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Grooming Tools

  • from $9.99

    PROGUARD Tub Chokers

    This tub choker is perfect for all grooming uses and is right at home in the bathtub, as well as on the grooming table. Constructed of durable cab...

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    from $9.99
  • $5.99

    Wahl Stainless Steel Snap On Combs

    Wahl’s Stainless Steel Attachment Guide Combs glide through all animal coat types with ease, giving you the longer cutting lengths needed to keep y...

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  • from $6.95

    Softie Muzzle

    The Softie Muzzle allows the dog to breathe normally while at the same time restricting aggressive behavior. Looks great and feels great for your ...

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    from $6.95
  • from $10.39

    Millers Forge Professional Dog Nail Clipper

    Professional quality dog nail clippers from Millers Forge These rugged nail clippers will stand up to the demands of busy grooming shops Features ...

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    from $10.39
  • $7.79

    Kong Zoom Groom

    The KONG ZoomGroom™ helps make it easier to get your dogs clean. While shampooing use the ZoomGroom™ to clean your dogs’ coat. The 3/4 inch rubber...

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  • $10.00

    Artero Hit Blade Drive

    SKU:  RP0103 Artero® Replacement Blade Drive for Artero® HIT Cordless clippers   It is the black plastic frame that moves the blade back and forth....

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  • from $11.95

    Artero Silicone Muzzle for Dog

    Artero Silicone Muzzle The Artero Silicone Muzzle is sure to put a smile on your face whilst grooming a difficult dog.  Manufactured from silicone ...

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    from $11.95
  • $4.99

    4" Large Suction Cup by PROGUARD

    SKU:  SC • Industrial-strength rubber suction cup securely holds bathing restraints to tubs. • Sturdy metal eye-bolt allows easy attachment of rest...

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  • $8.75

    10" Aussie Dog Comb

     10" Aussie Dog Solid Spine Comb Professional Quality Standards Spine Made from Alumimum for strength and lightness Surgical Stainless Steel Pins ...

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  • $13.20

    Diamond Coated 80Grit Sanding Band

    SKU:  DiamondBand This is a diamond coated carbide wheel that replaces the paper wheels you put on your Dremel to grind nails. It fits on the shank...

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  • $16.12

    Artero Dematting Tool 9 Blades

    SKU:  AP217 Small D-Matter 9 Blades Great for getting under matts and gently working out them out. Fits comfortably in hand with rubber grips on th...

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  • $1.59

    4' x 5/8" Economy Kennel Lead

    Ideal for daily use in grooming shops, veterinarian clinics and boarding kennels.  Made from soft yet durable 5/8 in wide by 48 in long polypropyl...

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  • $16.95

    Clotisol 2 oz

    SKU:  Clotisol Clotisol® stops most minor bleeding immediately Acts as "First Aid" application while it covers and protects Multiple uses - nail tr...

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    from $6.84

    Andis Comb

    Removes tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt. Stimulates skin and hair follicles for a healthy coat. Ideal for pets of all sizes. Perfect for finishi...

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    from $6.84
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  • $41.99

    Wahl Stainless Steel 5 in 1 Snap on Comb Set

    SKU:  SSSet5in1 Stainless steel guide combs attach to Wahl Acro, Bravura and Chromado clipper blades to help you cut at a comfortable, custom lengt...

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  • $14.95

    Diamond Coated Sanding Band and Shank

    SKU:  DiamondDremel Safely and easily trim nails on dogs, cats and horses with minimal vibration. The carbide sanding band will not break apart or ...

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  • $41.99

    Wahl Stainless Steel Snap on Comb Set

    SKU:  SSSetW • Professional-quality Wahl® Stainless Steel Attachment Clipper Combs glide easily through coats for a smooth finish with uniform leng...

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  • from $7.39

    Andis Firm Slicker Brush

    • Eliminates tangles and matting • Reduces shedding up to 90% • Removes dead hair from undercoat and topcoat • Anti-slip, easy grip handle for s...

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    from $7.39
  • $0.85


    Rubber Finger Tips  Good for use while dremeling nails or hand stripping. Available in Four Sizes: 11, 12, 13, and 14

  • from $4.39

    Curved Slicker Brush

    Millers Forge® Curved Slicker Brushes are durable and comfortable.  Super padded backing for the wire tines to ensure proper brush technique elimi...

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    from $4.39
  • $52.99

    Oster Stainless Steel Snap On Comb Set of 10

    SKU:  SSSetOster Specifically designed to fit Oster A5 type blades, this complete comb collection provides a full assortment to groom all types of ...

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  • $36.07

    Andis- Stainless Steel Snap on Comb Set

    SKU:  SSSetA3 *Universal spring loaded clip attchment Adjusts securely to #30 or #10 blade*Andis exclusive adjustable comb design*Made from hardene...

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  • $22.50

    Deluxe Diamond Coated Sanding head with Finishing Tip-Jumbo 80/120 Grit

    SKU:  DDiamondJB Safely and easily trim nails on dogs, cats and horses with minimal vibration. The carbide sanding band will not break apart or spl...

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    Andis Deshedding Rake

    SKU:  ToolDeShed Andis Deshedding Rake

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