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  • $9.95

    Blade Rack

    Blade Rack Green

  • $4.95

    Clipper Holder

    Keeps clippers within reach and protects blade and clipper from damage. Made of high impact plastic. Easily installed. Holds 1 Clipper.


Frank Rowe & Son Inc. offers grooming supplies for professional groomers. We carry a wide assortment from Aprons to YUK2e, including collars and coolants, hemostats to hygiene, and more. Our online grooming supply store also has items that can serve as excellent gifts for your friends who love dogs and other pets. If you need help choosing the most appropriate product, brand, color or size, our knowledgeable staff will help you select the most suitable brand to meet your business or personal needs.


Our broad range of pet grooming products includes the following

  • Dental Care: We stock the most important supplies pet groomers need to keep the teeth of their clients' pets clean and avoid bad breath. Use our range of top-rated pet dental cleaning supplies to help drastically reduce the risk of periodontal disease. To meet the needs of different kinds of dogs with various levels of tolerance for dental care, we offer finger toothbrushes and toothpaste as well as textured dental wipes. These products combine the power of baking soda, apple essence, and fresh mint to prevent the growth of bacteria and promote fresh breath.
  • Eye Care: All the dog and pet eye care products we offer have proven benefits. They help to minimize many symptoms of eye irritation while reducing dryness and promoting eye health in various types of dogs. Our top-of-the-line eye lotion and eye wash products help wash dirt and debris from dogs’ eyes.

Simply put the solution into the eyes of the dog or pet and then, with a sterile cloth, wipe off the debris that is flushed out of the eyes with the solution. We also offer eye pads that are used to clean up any unwanted buildup around the pet's eyes.

  • Ear Care: Professional pet groomers and pet lovers appreciate the benefits of our special collection of ear care products. The ear cleaning gel is very easy to apply, and it rapidly emulsifies wax, dirt and debris without any adverse effects on the skin. Similarly, our textured ear wipes contain a natural blend of eucalyptus oil and aloe vera extracts that promote clean, healthy and sweet-smelling ears.
  • Muzzles: Muzzles are effective tools that help professional pet groomers prevent dog bites. Many pets, particularly dogs, tend to be protective of their feet, and most of them do not like seeing their nails trimmed. So, using a muzzle will keep you at ease while clipping nails or during any other important grooming procedure.

Muzzles also help to prevent dogs from licking their wounds when they are recovering while hindering them from removing any stitches placed on the wound. Muzzles are also more comfortable than cones. We offer various types of muzzles including quick fit, basket cage and adjustable grooming muzzles that come in various colors.

Check Out Our Catalog or Give Us a Call Today

For more information about our complete range of professional pet grooming supplies, please take a few moments to browse our online catalog. We also offer special discounts on various items so you can take advantage of lower prices. Just ask! Give us a call at 717-616-8646 to learn more about any of our dog grooming supplies today.