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  • $9.70

    Artero Disposable Teeth Cleaning Wipes

    SKU:  AH685 Artero's teeth thimbles are the quickest and easiest way to keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy. Especially formulated to correct t...

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  • $14.49

    Zymox Oratene Toothpaste Gel - 2.5 oz

    Clear gel form provides maxium enzyme contact to inhibit odor-causing bacteria and remove plaque biofilm.  Gentle formulation relieves, soothes, an...

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  • $14.00

    Hydra Groomers Dental Paste

    Add items to cart for groomer pricing * Save 50% SKU:  HDental For dental hygiene Enhanced with calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate for a gre...

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  • from $8.99

    Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel by Tropiclean

     Oral care is about more than making your pets’ smiles sparkle—it’s an important component of their overall health. In fact, 80% of dogs begin to ...

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    from $8.99
  • $9.99

    Zymox Oratene Breath Freshener - 4 oz

    Freshens and maintains a healthy mouth by inhibiting harmful and odor-causing bacteria and removing plaque biofilm.class="aap">  Gentle mister d...

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  • $10.00

    Dental Scraper Cushion Handle

    This rubberized no slip padded handle dental scraper is ideal for the removal of plaque on the tooth.

  • from $16.99

    Zymox Oratene Water Additive

    Great for multi-pet households! Flavorless concentrate added daily to drinking water provides a safe, healthy way to conveniently clean pet’s teeth...

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    from $16.99
  • $4.85

    Artero Dentix Toothpaste

    SKU:  AH696 Toothpaste gel for dogs.Keeps tartar and bad breath at bay.With tea tree to help control the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth.Fea...

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  • $29.99

    PlaqClnz Pet Finger Tooth Brush

    SKU:  PFB -Finger toothbrushes designed specifically for pet's teeth to maximize surface contact. With a larger brush surface to gently brush each ...

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  • $4.95

    AARONCO® Tooth Scaler

    AARONCO® Tooth Scaler A stainless steel, professional dental scaler to remove tartar from dogs’ teeth. Available in single ended or double ended.

  • $10.99

    Zymox Oratene Antiseptic Oral Gel - 1 oz tube

    For Serious Oral Care Conditions Recommended for serious oral conditions such as periodontal disease, stomatitis, gingivitis, red inflamed gums an...

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  • $10.99

    PlaqClnz Gel 2 oz

    Formulated with an all-natural zinc complex Helps prevent bad breath Reduces pet plaque and tartar without brushing

  • $5.55

    PPP AromaCare Dental Wipes

    SKU:  DentalWipes Contains the natural cleansing power of Apple Essence, Baking Soda and Fresh Mint to help keep your pet's breath fresh, the teeth...

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  • $0.75

    PlaqClnz Pet Double End Toothbrush

    SKU:  PDTB Double-ended toothbrush is perfect for any cat or dog and is designed to be the industry-best solution for at-home pet dental care.

  • $219.99

    Zymox Oratene Counter Display

    Oratene Counter Display: (2 - Water Additive 8oz., 4 each of: Water Additive 4oz., Antiseptic Gel, Toothpaste Gel, Breath Freshener)