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Coat Care

  • $6.10

    Best Shot Scentament Spa Body Splash - 8 oz

    Elicit all of your pet's senses with luxurious essential oils and extracts refresh deodorize detangle Personalize you and your pet’s grooming...

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  • $14.00

    B3 Why Bitch Fragrance

    B3 anti itch fragrance spray provides natural botanical blends that are relaxing and aroma therapeutic for the ultimate spa experience. All B3 natu...

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  • from $35.00

    iGroom Perfume

    Banana – The smell of bananaBliss – Mild sweet, addictive and long-lasting perfume perfectly for your four-legged friends.Capri of Island – Aromati...

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    from $35.00
  • $21.50

    Hydra Cologne Forever Fragrances

    Size: 15 fl. oz. - High Fragrance Concentration- Long-lasting Fragrances- Suitable for Dogs and Cats

  • from $10.95

    MarshMello Scents Fragrance

    A perfect accompaniment in your salon! MarshMello DROOL-icious BlueBerry 4 oz Spray Dog Cologne MarshMello BoiToi Spicy Ginger-Pear 4 oz Spray Dog...

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    from $10.95
  • $12.00

    Hydra Pet Spa Senses Serenity Cologne - 120ml

    SKU:  HSCologne The Hydra Serenity Cologne is the finishing touch to any pet groom. A specially curated blend of fragrance notes with the essence o...

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  • $19.50

    Artero Parfum - 3.04 oz

    Good for a finishing sprits. One spray will last the day. Presented in elegant aluminum spray bottle.

  • Sold out

    Best Shot Ultramax Pro Body Splash Sweet Pea Cologne - 8 oz

    SKU:  00303 Ultramax Pro Body Splash Sweet Pea Cologne 8oz  refresh deodorize  detangle • Complimentary Sweet Pea botanical blend refreshes and d...

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  • $30.00

    Hydra LOVELY Cologne Luxury Care

    SKU:  HLuxCologne Sweet and fruity fragrance  Long lasting