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Coat Care

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    Lisa Leady's Mat Magic

    It is more than a great dematter. It truly is a groomers best friend. Mat Magic Plus is a shampoo additive. Mat magic protects the coat, and helps...

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    from $35.00
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    K-9 Kleen 20:1 Shampoo 1 Gallon by Lisa Leady

    SKU:  Kleen1G K-9 clean shampoo!! Hypoallergenic, soap free shampoo for dogs and cats. Fortified with protein, moisturizers, and essential fatty ac...

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    Magic Mist 8 oz by Lisa Leady

    SKU:  MagicMist8 Magic mist finishing spray helps protect the coat, and helps repair damaged coat. Makes coat shiny. Magic Mist is an excellent sci...

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