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Coat Care Products

As a dog lover, you make taking care of your pet's needs a top priority. After food, shelter and plenty of love, you prioritize your pet's coat care. Frank Row & Son is an authorized distributor of many of the finest pet coat care brands available today.


Artero's product line consists of a wide range of coat care supplies including ear cleaning wipes, eye cleaning wipes, carry blades, stripping powder, dermal calm, dog shampoo, slicker brushes, and refreshing and finishing sprays.


B3 dog grooming supplies consist of products such as Why Bitch Protein Shampoo, B3 Why Bitch Fragrance and Why Bitch Shampoo. Using any of these coat care products will ensure that your pet gets clean and smells nice after bathing.

Best Shot

If you want to give your pet’s coat a smooth and silky look while ensuring that she smells good, try Best Shot coat care for dogs. This product line offers dozens of options, including popular products such as puppy conditioners, dog shampoos, finishing sprays and deodorizers.

Crown Royale

Crown Royale is a well-respected manufacturer of pet grooming supplies such as detangling sprays, texturizing sprays, coat conditioners and Crown Magic grooming spray.


Another brand that you should consider for your dog’s grooming needs is EZ-Groom. This product line boasts exceptional coat care supplies including shampoos and conditioners.

Lisa Leady

Lisa Leady is another popular brand that produces coat care supplies such as finishing sprays, ear cleaners and shampoos.


MarshMello manufactures de-matting solutions, dog scents, cleansing shampoos and finishing sprays.

Spa of Tropiclean

The Spa of Tropiclean product line focuses on oral health and facial grooming. Products made by this manufacturer in this category include Tropiclean Blueberry Facial and the Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel.


When it comes to scented dog grooming products, Scentament is an industry leader renowned for producing refreshing sprays and dog fragrances. Try Scentament's Body Wash, Scentament Finishing Spray, Puppy Powder, and Scentament Refreshing Sprays.

Skout’s Honor

Skout’s Honor manufactures pet products that specialize in eliminating odors. We carry shampoos, odor eliminators, urine destroyers and scented sprays. The brand also manufactures detangling sprays and dog fragrances.


Zymox is popular with pet owners thanks to its exceptional coat care supplies. Products include Zymox rinse, ear cleanse, shampoo, ear solution and dental formula.

Where to Find Quality Coat Care Products

When shopping for dog grooming supplies, always source your products from a reputable brand. Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. is an authorized distributor of premium pet products ranging from Artero coat care supplies to Zymox dog grooming supplies. We supply our products across 48 states with free shipping for purchases over $95.

With over 30+ years of experience, you can always rely on our products to give your pet the shiny, silky look they deserve. Place your order with confidence! For more information, contact us today.