Wholesale Dog Ball Toys

Throw. Fetch. Throw. Fetch. There is just nothing more dog-like that a pooch with a ball in the mouth ready to play. The classic fuzzy tennis ball can provide hours of entertainment or get destroyed in under a minute by a super-chewer. That’s why it is important to match the right dog to the right ball toy. At BossPetEdge, we stock some of the best wholesale dog ball toys that exist today, all packaged and priced perfectly for resale. Try some non-traditional balls that incorporate stuffies or ropes as part of the ball for extra fun. Our hard rubber balls, like the black Kong ball, will stay intact for even the most hardcore chewers.  Treat- dispensing balls add an interactive element to play, prompting them to figure out how to get that tasty morsel out of there. You can even order promotional tennis and squeaky balls with your store logo on them for fun and professional display setups. No matter your need, BossPetEdge has the wholesale dog ball toy products that will work great!

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